Lets See What Some People Have To Say About Craig;

“I can see the light now”- Bootsy Collins

“That was the coolest f-ing thing that I have ever seen in my life”- Chris Ballew (Presidents of the United States of America)

“The Presidents performance was highlighted by lighting effects. During the song ‘Dune Buggy’ little dune buggies raced across the backdrop”- Gene Stout (Seattle Times)

“Craig is the most talented LD I have ever seen. He is never satisfied unless it is like 150%”-Mark Williams (Air Supply)

“Wow, I get Intellabeams and s%#t, this is like a real show”- Bob Mould

“The lights turned the entire Kitsap Bowl into a giant rave”- Rolling Stone

“You Rock” – Machines Of Loving Grace

“The lights, sound, and smoke all showed that Thrill Kill Kult was back with a vengeance” – Jo Anne Green (AP)

“Damn, you do good lights, thanks” – Duke Erickson (Metal Church)

“You’re the best” – Don Dodge (Bad Company)

“That felt great” – John Doe (X)

“It was like you’ve known my music for a long time” – Dave Koz

“You won’t find a better LD than Craig Gaff” – Marshall Holmes (Tour Manager)

“We LOVE Craig” – Buzz McCoy (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult)

“Our light guy gives GREAT fog” – Graham Russell (Air Supply)